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Cime di rapa orecchiette

This is a typical pasta dish from the south of Italy. It has just a few ingredients such as fresh cime di rapa, garlic, dried chili and intense fruity extra virgin olive oil that when combine together make this dish a flavorsome one. If you cannot find cime di rapa (turnip tops) you can also use (sprouting) broccoli.

Serves 4

800gr cime di rapa - turnip tops (or alternatively sprouting broccoli)

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

3 anchovies in olive oil (optional)

400gr orecchiette pasta (or other short pasta such as conchiglie)

4 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil Castello

Salt and dry grounded dried red chili pepper

First clean the cime di rapa, take only the tender leaves and stems and the closed flowers. Discard any hard stem. Now thoroughly wash the cime di rapa (I tend to wash them 2 or 3 times).

Put the cime di rapa in a large pan of well salted cold water and bring to boil. After 3-4 minutes since the water has started boiling. add the orecchiette and cook until the pasta is very al dente.

Now, when the pasta is almost ready (i.e. very al dente), in a large pan put 4 table spoons of olio Castello and when the oil is warm put the crushed garlic cloves and the three anchovies. Fry for a couple of minutes and then add the orecchiette and the cime di rapa. Cook gently for 3-4 minutes. Turn off the heat, add salt and some grounded dried red chili pepper. Serve hot.

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