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Extra virgin olive oil: production and sale


We produce and sale of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. The products are made with olives cultivated in our groves. 

The product range includes 2 olive oil blends (Verde, a light fruity extra virgin olive oil, and Oro, a medium fruity extra virgin olive oiland) and 2 monocultivar extra virgin olive oil (Ortice an intense bitter and peppery extra virgin olive oil and Femminella a light bitter and peppery extra virgin olive oil).

We also produced extra virgin olive oils infused with lemon zest from Sorrento, with orange zest from Sorrento and with chili from Calabria.

For more information on our extra virgin olive oil visit our products page or contact us.

Olive trees pruning services


We offer specialised pruning for olive trees in Italy.

Our team is specialised in the polyconic vase olive growing system and are available for pruning olive trees for private and other farms in the area surrounding Solopaca. 

Pruning an olive tree following the polyconic vase system allows the olive tree to intercept a high amount of energy and favours the exposure to light of leaves and fruiting surface. In addition, the polyconic vase leads to a simplification of the harvesting operations thanks to the positioning of the fruits mainly in the medium-low portion of the foliage.

If you are interested in our pruning services or require more information please contact us.

Food  production with local artisans 


Over the years we have established cooperation agreements with other farmers and artisans to produce and sell traditional local products with combine our extra virgin olive oil with other local ingredients.

The product range includes taralli - wood-oven baked sourdough biscuits made with Uliveti's extra virgin olive oil and fennel seeds - morsette - sweet biscuits made with Uliveti's extra virgin olive oil, almonds, cinnamon, lemon and orange zest - passata di pomodoro tomatoe sauce and caiazzana olives preserved in water and salt.

For more information on our products oil visit our products page or contact us.

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We organise tailor-made tourist and educational activities in Solopaca and the surrounding area in the region of Campania.

Our clients are tour operators, companies, training centres and private individuals. 

We can organise tailor made activities such as:

  • visiting Uliveti's olive oil farm, learn about olive oil and how to taste it, eat with us the traditional cofana (workers lunch in the grove);  

  • Learning how to make fresh local pasta from local artisans;

  • visiting local cheese and ham producers and learn about the local traditions;

  • visiting a local vineyard  and experience a wine tasting dinner;

  • Exploring nature and towns in Campania on foot or by bike with expert guides​

For more information or if you are interested in planning with us these activities for you and your friends, for your business or your customers you can contact us (Uliveti Experience Srl) or visit our dedicated page

Olive oil tasting courses and events


We organise olive oil tasting courses for private individual, for businesses and for shops where we sell our extra virgin olive oil.

Giovanni and Nils Johan have a qualification of olive oil tasters (level I) and will be responsible for running the course.

In the course you will understand what are the characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil and the differences with other oils made from olives (olive oil, lampante oil, sansa oli) and other vegetable oils.

You will also learn about the health properties of olive oil compared to other fats and the use of extra virgin olive oil in food making.

You will also learn in practice how to taste extra virgin olive oil and to distinguish aroma and flavors of different olive oils of different quality levels.

If you are interested and would like us to organise a course for you please contact us.

Cultivation of olive groves


Taking care of out olive trees is the essence of our job. 

During the year we carefully take care of our gorgeous olive trees.

We keep them healthy by pruning them, by feeding them only with organic and environmentally sustainable products, and by using non-intensive and traditional olive harvesting methods.
In addition to organic products, in our olive groves, we use humus made from manure obtained by other local farms in Solopaca.

By 2023 we will become a certified organic farm.
The way we look after our olive groves means that the our extra virgin olive oils are of high quality, with great taste and aroma and are produced in an environmentally sustainable way.

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