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Last Update: 09 March 2020

Responsible for HACCP control procedure: Dr. Giovanni Filippo Cozzi 

As required by EU Reg. No.852/2004 and Reg. No. 148/02, Uliveti Castel San Martino Srl Società Agricola follows a self-control plan for the implementation and maintenance of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system. The correct application of the self-control plan guarantees safety.

To this end Uliveti Castel San Martino Srl Società Agricola declares the following:

  1. Has implemented staff training and plans regular refresher training;

  2. Has implemented a correct hygiene procedure;

  3. Has nominated a responsible for the control system;

  4. Has a hygiene procedure for the control of the premises;

  5. Has a hygiene procedure for stock control;

  6. Has a hygiene procedure for health control of its staff;

  7. Executes controls to identify critical points;

  8. Periodically performs microbiological sampling of food, equipment and work environments in accredited laboratories.


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