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In 2011,Ornella sets up Uliveti Castel San Martino 


Giovanni, Nils Johan and Michele in the olive groves

Giovanni and Luigi

Solopaca is the town where Giovanni’s family has its roots. Giovanni’s family was always involved in land cultivation. However, the two generations prior to Giovanni's cultivated land mainly for own consumption. 

The last generation who run the farming activities for making a living were Giovanni’s great grandparents Elivra and Pasquale. Giovanni’s great grandmother, Elvira, was the matriarch of the family and a smart and enterprising woman who run the farm together with her husband Pasquale. Together they looked after the family olive groves, vineyards and orchards in the same way their families did for several generations before them.

Ornella, Elvira's granddaughter and mother to Giovanni, dreamed of restarting her grandparents' activity and of producing extra virgin olive oil once again. In 2011, Ornella inherited the family olive groves and, together with her husband Ernesto, she started looking after the family olive groves and set up Uliveti Castel San Martino's farm.

After Giovanni’s mother passed away in 2014, Giovanni and his partner Nils Johan decided that they should carry forward Ornella’s dream of producing olive oil. Giovanni left his university career in London and committed all his working time to the pursuit of his mother’s dream. In 2014, Nils Johan becomes partner in Uliveti Castel San Martino.


From 2014 Giovanni, Nils Johan and Ernesto manage Uliveti Castel San Martino together. In 2017, after Ernesto passes away, Giovanni, together with Nils Johan take charge of the family farm Uliveti Castel San Martino. 

Since 2015 we have expanded our farming activities and undertaken significant investment. This expansion has allowed us to take care of local olive cultivars at risk of disappearance such as Ortice and Femminella, run our farm with organic agricultural techniques and set up a modern production unit.  

In 2016, Giovanni and Nils Johan’s friend and agronomist Michele becomes partner of Uliveti Castel San Martino and in 2021 Tommaso, one of Giovanni’s relatives, also become partner in the farm.

Since 2022, in addition to selling award-winning extra virgin olive oil and other local food products, we have started offering experiential travel concepts. We run this activity as "Uliveti Experience Srl".

The experiential travel activities, which focus on the promotion of the local culinary and farming traditions, are organised by Giovanni and Nils Johan together with some of Giovanni’s family members: Teresa, who is partner in Uliveti Experience, and Luigi, who dedicates part of his time to the promotion of local food culture and traditions and covers the role of external advisor in Uliveti Experience.


Our aim, at Uliveti, is to increase the visibility of an authentic and beautiful part of Italy by making you experience the delicious products we produce and by visiting our beautiful farm and the region.

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 Ernesto, father of Giovanni, run Uliveti with Ornella from 2011

Nils Johan and Giovanni

Solopaca, a view of the centre and Uliveti's headquarter (yellow building)

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